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Enlaces recomendados 10/06/2010

6 octubre, 2010
  • Pakistan remains in turmoil, but its army continues to press the Taliban. Moreover, Predator attacks on Taliban and al-Qaida sanctuaries have increased dramatically. The has done a splendid job of graphically documenting the increases and estimating Taliban and al-Qaida casualties. The Predator offensive is — literally and figuratively — killing them.

    Which leads, unfortunately, to Europe, and terror war in Europe.

    Al-Qaida regards Europe as a weak link in its war with the civilized world. It has what it regards as a good reason for this conclusion: The March 11, 2004, attack on Spain’s capital, Madrid, gave the terror organization it greatest victory in this long struggle.

    Al-Qaida hoped the “3-11” assault would affect Spain’s national elections and bring to power a government that would withdraw Spanish troops from the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. This would be the first step in shattering the Iraq coalition and politically isolating the U.S. At some point, America would skedaddle as well, and al-Qaida would chalk up an even greater strategic triumph.

    tags: India Mumbai_terrorist_attack Terrorism Islamism Jihad

  • Wilders’ case illustrates perfectly the two-pronged strategy of stealth jihad at work. The “moderate” voices of Islam, lawyers and Muslim activists working within his own society, demand that the government defend their “constitutional” rights, effectively instituting acceptance of Islamic Law, or shar’ia. At the same time, “radical” voices in the heart of Islam literally call for his head.
    Wilders lives under the threat of “fatwa,” an Islamic concept with which we are all familiar. More specifically, a well-known Australian cleric recently called for his beheading. We in the West have also learned enough about Islam not to take these threats lightly.

    tags: Geert_Wilders American_Thinker freedom_of_expression Islam Islamism

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